A cloud-based resource offering customizable virtual machine images for specific learning or analysis goals.

Atmosphere, CyVerse's cloud-computing platform, allows you to launch your own isolated virtual machine (VM) image and software, using compute resources such as CyVerse-provided software suites, and preconfigured, frequently used analysis routines, relevant algorithms, and datasets.

atmo iconEducators can use Atmosphere to provide students or a class with identical, ready-to-use, virtual ‘sandboxes’ customized for specific learning goals. Atmosphere’s VMs can also save researchers the often time-consuming and frustrating job of ensuring consistent parameters for software—you can load a VM once with your favorite tools and your datasets for reproducible science with every launch.

To use Atmosphere, you must have an educational email address, a CyVerse account and be granted access to Atmosphere.

Important Note: Effective July 1, 2020, CyVerse shifted the Atmosphere platform from a general computing environment to one focused on container and cloud native development services for U.S.-based researchers. Please read these FAQs for more information.



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Getting Started

Key Features

  • Hundreds of virtual machine images available pre-configured with software suites, work environments, and community-contributed software 

  • Statistical reporting capabilities for tracking user resources including total CPU hours and memory usages, total instances and applications launched by the user, and on-demand intelligent resource allocation

  • Access your data in the Data Store, including high-performance computing (HPC) and grid computing environments

  • Integrate with existing infrastructure components using our API services