Powered by CyVerse

Boost the power of your project by leveraging CyVerse services.

PbC logoThrough our unique Powered by CyVerse program, third-party projects can leverage CyVerse cyberinfrastructure and staff to provide their users with robust services such as secure single sign-on with authentication, easy and fast data transfers, access to large-scale, High-Performance Compute resources such as Jetstream or XSEDE, as well as developers and domain knowledge expertise.

  • Authentication system: Use secure single sign-on between your application and all CyVerse services.

  • Data Store: Store, share and distribute large amounts of data across all platforms.

  • High-performance framework: Execute analyses seamlessly on High Performance Computing resources.


Getting Started

  • Projects must have both the programming resources to integrate with CyVerse services and the resources to maintain their site(s)

  • To request Powered by CyVerse, please complete and submit this form

  • To find out if we can help your project, email Support (support@cyverse.org)

Key Features

  • Broadens your and your users' access to bioinformatics resources

  • Enables the larger science community more easily find and use your project

  • Extends CyVerse's platforms to reach diverse life science communities

  • Powered by CyVerse is not available for web-hosting stand-alone tools

Using the Powered by CyVerse Logo

All Powered by CyVerse projects should include the Powered by CyVerse logo on their homepage. For information on using and downloading the Powered by CyVerse logo, please see Using Our Logo.